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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions that you might just be wondering about as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

A: Anyone who needs to lose weight and has excess fat to burn. It is not suitable for Breastfeeding and Pregnant women. If you have a medical condition please seek the advice of your Physician before commencing the Diet.

A: It’s a combination of a 3 phase clean eating program and the support of the Diet supplements together that create the awesome results in our before and after photo’s.

A: It is important after you have lost weight to keep your weight off for good. You need to maintain your weight and not go back to eating the foods you ate that created your need to lose weight. Eating in moderation is important, so take what you have learnt from the 3 phases of the Diet to keep your weight off for life.

A: Although the Diet is portion controlled, there is no calorie counting on this Weight Management Program. It is an easy set plan.

A: The food is all clean eating, easy food that can be consumed by the entire family. However those that do not need to lose weight and are not on the Diet support products may need to eat a little more each meal.

A: Yes you can. It is all about choosing the correct foods. Restaurants all want your business and you will find they will be happy to accommodate you with your food requirements. Take what you have learnt from the 3 phases of the Diet and use that to choose the best meal for you.