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Feel good in your skin with the Proven Success Program

The 123 Diet is a 3 phase weight management program combining a calorie controlled diet, the correct fat burning foods and the help of our support drops. *

The Meal Plan is easy to follow and no special food is required, most dieters will already have these foods in their fridge and pantry.

Weight Management plan Features:

  • Clean eating plan
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Support Drops and Maintain Capsules are 100% Australia made
  • Comes complete with instructions
  • Includes 7 day a week support
  • Gluten Free, dairy free and no added sugar
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarian

How it Works

  • It is a liquid drop you take 3 times per day before your main meals.
  • While you are on the drops you cut down on Sugary and Starchy foods with our meal plan.
  • The drops help you with this too, you won’t be very hungry but you must eat.
  • The maintain capsules are used at the end of the diet to suppress appetite and block sugar cravings. They can be used for 1 month after the diet to stabilize your weight loss. You can use them at times like holidays and Christmas to stop yourself from falling back into old habits.
  • The Cleanse is used while on the drops as an extra boost. It speeds up weight loss by reducing toxins from your body. It lasts for 10 days, but you only need to do it for 7.
  • Support is offered 7 days a week. Free phone and email support to help you to be successful. You can join our closed fb support group where people can share their success, ask questions and share recipes. Look forward to helping you out.

*The Program comes with a Meal Plan, Weight Management Diet Drops, Weight Maintain Capsules, 7 Day Cleanse and 7 day a week phone/email support